4 Common Causes of Hot Electrical Sockets

It's common for many household appliances to generate heat as a normal part of their operation. However, the sockets themselves should not get hot. If this starts to happen, you should immediately unplug all cables and refrain from using that outlet until the issue has been resolved. This might be something you're able to do yourself, but many issues will require the assistance of an electrician. With that in mind, here are just four common reasons why electrical sockets might grow hot. [Read More]

What Should You Do If You Notice Smoke from an Electrical Outlet?

If you've suddenly noticed smoke emanating from a wall outlet, you may be tempted to panic. Yet it's important to keep your cool and take certain actions to try and avoid any escalation. So, what should you do? First Things First Your first action should be to figure out whether any active fire is hidden behind the drywall. If you've just noticed some smoke as you plug in a device, you may be able to avert any outright fire by turning the switch off and unplugging the device. [Read More]