Tips to Increase Water Heater Efficiency During the Cold Season

Anyone who has experienced the cold winters in Australia knows how refreshing a warm shower can feel during such moments. Even using hot water to wash your hands goes a long way in taking the chill out of the days. However, in an attempt to enjoy the hot water for an extended period, most people end up scalding their skin. Finding the right balance of hot water that's readily available to beat the cold comes down to the efficiency of your water heater. [Read More]

4 Tips To Maintain Electrical Safety In Your Office

Electrical safety is easy to take for granted, and it's easy to assume that the electrical systems in your office are protected. But the truth is that small issues with wiring and power lines could lead to larger problems that could have been prevented with a good electrical maintenance plan. Here are some tips to maintain good electrical safety in your office.  Set Up A Regular Electrical Maintenance Schedule A regular electrical maintenance schedule will help you check all the equipment in your office so that any high-risk issues can be taken care of before they turn into major catastrophes. [Read More]

Crossed Wires: 3 Times You Should Call In An Electrical Contractor

Even if you have some knowledge of electrical systems, there are some jobs which are best left to professional electrical contractors. Below is a guide to three wiring jobs you should leave to a qualified electrician. Data cables The modern Australian home relies heavily on the transmission of data. Many people enjoy satellite or cable TV, and 86% of households are now connected to the internet. However, the ability to enjoy this technology relies on the cables and wires which transmit data and provide power. [Read More]

4 Design Features That Make Electrical Mining Equipment Safer

Mining equipment is used in severe operating conditions, such as very dusty environments. It is therefore important for you to buy electrical mining equipment that has inbuilt features that reduce the risks that maintenance personnel can face as they service and repair that equipment. This article discusses some of the design features that can increase employee safety.  Thermography Scan Windows Maintenance workers are often exposed to electrical hazards when they open the equipment in order to trace defects, such as overheating, to the source. [Read More]