Why You Should Consider Installing Solar Panels on the Ground Instead

Have you been thinking about installing a solar power system for some time, but feel that your roof is not optimal? Your house may not be configured so that the roof faces north, or the roof itself may have been constructed in such a way that installation could be problematic. Yet this is not the end of your solar dream, especially if you have some available land around your property. Why could a ground-mounted system be much better for you?

Utilising Ground Space

Some people have the luxury of a large garden but don't want to spend an endless amount of time landscaping or cutting all that grass. In this case, consider converting the area so that a solar panel system can be installed there.

How to Prepare

To begin with, dig up any existing lawn and place a barrier so that weeds cannot grow through. Then, make sure you cover the area with gravel before beginning any installation.

More Opportunity?

You may find that you have more room here than you would have had on the roof, even if it had been ideal for installation. This means that you can install a bigger array of panels and, potentially, get better value for your money.

Static and Motorised Versions

Homeowners can choose from several different types of solar panel system. Firstly, there is a conventional array which is angled at a specific degree to take advantage of the sun when it is at its zenith. Typically, this is the most straightforward option. Secondly and more exciting, however, is a pole-mounted solution that features a number of different solar panels on top of several independent poles. These can be motorised so that they automatically follow the arc of the sun as it moves through the sky and can be further modified to work on a different axis to take account of seasonal variations in the sun's trajectory.

Best of All Worlds

If you choose the latter option, you will be able to take maximum advantage of the opportunity and may be significantly better off than you would have been with a standard roof array. Furthermore, ground-mounted panels like this are really easy to keep clean, and you won't need to worry about ladders or a fear of heights.

Breaking Ground

Get in touch with your electrician and start drawing up plans for a ground-mounted system so you can optimise your opportunity and kickstart your savings.