Crossed Wires: 3 Times You Should Call In An Electrical Contractor

Even if you have some knowledge of electrical systems, there are some jobs which are best left to professional electrical contractors. Below is a guide to three wiring jobs you should leave to a qualified electrician.

Data cables

The modern Australian home relies heavily on the transmission of data. Many people enjoy satellite or cable TV, and 86% of households are now connected to the internet. However, the ability to enjoy this technology relies on the cables and wires which transmit data and provide power. If you attempt a DIY installation but use the wrong type or size of cable, you may find that your internet connection slows to a snail's pace. You may also have problems with digital TV transmissions freezing mid-program or becoming pixelated. A professional electrical contractor will be able to assess your data needs before installing the correct cables and wires so you and your family can enjoy fast internet speeds and great TV.

Hot water and HVAC thermostat

Just as the average Australian home now relies on data cabling, it also relies on thermostats. The heating and cooling systems in your home are controlled by the thermostat. The thermostat communicates with a sensor in your air conditioner or hot water system so that the air or water temperature in your home is always at the desired level. If the thermostat control unit or the sensor is not wired correctly, they may start to malfunction, and you could find that your home becomes too hot or too cold. You may have the unpleasant experience of having a shower which blasts boiling or freezing water.


A plethora of appliances now fills the average Australian kitchen. Ovens, dishwashers, fridge-freezers, washing machines and microwaves can all make cooking and cleaning up your home easier, but they also require a regular power source. For example, if you wire in your fridge-freezer with the wrong type of wire or so badly that the connection keeps breaking, you could soon find that food stored in the unit starts to spoil much sooner than it should. If your oven has not been properly wired in, you may find that the temperature fluctuates as you use it, which could make cooking very difficult. Every appliance in your kitchen may go wrong if it is not installed and wired in by a professional.

If you would like further advice about how an electrical contractor can help you, you should contact an electrical company.