Appliance Repair: How to Deal With a Malfunctioning Fridge/Freezer Unit

If you have noticed that your fridge/freezer appliance has started to ice up, it can lead to the unit operating in a substandard way, which may increase your energy bills and could affect the ability of the appliance to preserve any food placed in it. For these reasons, if you notice that your freezer is starting to frost up with ice or that the fridge compartment feels as if it is warmer than it should be, it is important that you take steps to remedy the problem.

Check the evaporating fan

The job of the evaporating fan is to blow the colder air from the freezer compartment into the warmer refrigerator section. Once this air has cooled the food in the refrigerated section, the fan circulates the air back into the freezer section where it is once again cooled and recirculated. If the evaporator fan ceases to work, the air will cease to circulate. This results in the temperature falling in the freezer compartment resulting in increased levels of icing. Fan failure will also cause the air in the refrigerator to increase in temperature which could result in the food stored there being spoiled. One way to check if the fan is working is to hold your hand over the vent at the rear of the refrigerated section, if you cannot feel a flow of cold air, then there is a problem. An electrician will be able to assess the fan before carrying out any necessary repairs.

Check the wiring 

Sometimes, faulty wiring can be responsible for malfunctioning of a fridge/freezer appliance. If the wires which power the evaporating fan on the appliance is faulty, the appliance may only be receiving a reduced amount of power which could affect the operation of the fan and other components. If you notice that your appliance keeps powering up and then suddenly cutting off, you should switch the power off and unplug it from the power socket. Do not use the appliance until it has been inspected by a qualified appliance repair contractor. An electrical contractor will be able to inspect the wiring in your home, the fuse box and the main power supply to the appliance to find and fix the fault.

If you would like further information about how to deal with a potential appliance problem, you should contact an electrical contractor who specialises in the repair and replacement of household appliances such as fridge/freezer units. For more information, contact an appliance repair professional.