3 Tasks That Should Only Be Completed By A Qualified Electrician

Every modern Australian home and business requires a reliable electrical connection to power the appliances, lights and air conditioning systems. In an attempt to save money, you may be tempted to carry out some of this work yourself. However, while small jobs such as rewiring a socket or changing a light bulb can be completed with people who have basic skills, other jobs will require a professional electrical contractor. Below is a guide to 3 task that should only be completed by a qualified electrician.

Installing an electricity meter

If you have recently moved into a new property, you will need to have an electricity meter installed. These meters are used by your power supplier to measure how much energy you have used. Readings from this meter will be used to calculate each utility bill you receive. There are a number of different types of meters available. Your energy supplier may require that you use a certain kind of meter. If you install the wrong type of meter, this may lead to problems calculating your energy bills. It is also important that the meter is properly connected. If a meter is installed incorrectly, it may not provide an accurate reading of your energy use. For these reasons, you should ask a qualified electrical contractor to install a new meter in your home or business.

Disconnection from the power grid

If you are having extensive restoration or demolition work carried out, it may be necessary to disconnect your property from the local power grid. If you attempt to disconnect the power yourself and do it incorrectly, you could place your life at risk and could also cause a blackout in your local area. For these reasons, this is a task which should only be carried out through professional electrical services.

Upgrading the electrical system

If you use a lot of electrical items in your home or your business, you may find that your current electrical system struggles to draw enough power from the electrical grid. You may notice that fuses in the fuse box keep tripping or that your lights flicker or dim. If this is the case, you will need to consider upgrading the electrical system in your home. An upgrade will involve calculating how much power is required and then replacing existing wiring and equipment so that it can deal with the extra voltage. This isn't a little job, so it is best left to a professional electrical contractor.